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Week 03: India Day

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14th August 2017:

Starting at 5:00 PM local time (15th August in India), we had an India Day celebration in ASU organized by ISA(Indian Student Association). There was quite a substantial Indian crowd here. Current students, as well as some Alumni, also joined the event. There was a Quiz booth, Mehendi Booth, and Karaoke booth as well. There was also free food, which included Veg and Non-Veg Biryani, Samosa, and Gulab Jamun.

On our way back, we decided to go to a local Indian grocery store, “Desi Plaza,” to get some supplies. We bought some uncooked pre-formed chapati-roti to try for the next day.

16th August 2017:

I went to the Rapid Resume Review and Mock Interview session organized by the Career coach of W.P.Carey School. I had a tough time last night adjusting all the information in one single page, but it was worth it. She suggested some minor changes to the resume.

“Passport to ASU” event was held at the Memorial Building to the Sun Devils Fitness Center (SDFC). There were stalls inside both the building and also the long pathway between them. There were plenty of freebies, as well. I got three shirts, one water-bottle, deodorant, body wash, cup noodles, and many more goodies. There were more than 100 sporting organizations with their tables there for publicity in SDFC. Then over 200 organizations had their desks in the Memorial Union building registering students for their newsletter and events. I found a few exciting groups like Capital Investments Association, Friends of Internationals Group, and Investment Banking and consulting group.

17th August:

To enhance my job exploration opportunities, I decided to buy the “2-hour job search” book on my Kindle. I got the book for almost half-price when I was using India as the country instead of the USA. Pro-tip, keep your native country Amazon account active, and open another Amazon Account with your university email. Compare the cost of digital deliveries on both accounts and buy the cheaper one. Also, when you signup with the University email, you get a complimentary six month Prime subscription.

18th August:

I went to the “Friends of Internationals” group Meeting at 7:00 PM. It’s a community to meet people from around the world. They also had complimentary dinner organized and some board games for a fun activity. International Student Association had hosted an Ice Breaker Event (kind of a fresher’s party) today at the same time, and I had to skip this for the other event.