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Week 09: Quarter end study preparation

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W.P.Carey School has a curriculum system which includes quarter based subjects and semester-based subjects, and the 1st quarter is about to end, we have exams next week. For the quarter subject “Intro to Enterprise Analytics,” we have the final exam, and for other semester-based subjects, we have our midterm.

There is no fixed pattern of exams and marks structure. Each professor is empowered to design the model of exams, class tests, and marking structure. For one subject, “Intro to Applied Analytics,” we only have assignments and an in-class quiz after every chapter and a project but no final or midterm exam.

To give a brief overview of the Fall ‘17 schedule, we have five subjects:

  • Intro to Enterprise Analytics (Quarter 1): This is about data modeling, SQL, Data Warehousing concepts, and Tableau. This class ends in the 2nd week of October .
  • Intro to Applied Analytics (Semester 1): This is all about probability and statistics. This class includes Bayes’s theorem, hypothesis testing, and statistical tests.
  • Data-Driven Quality Management (Semester 1): This subject is about quality tools like six sigma, Control charts, and Design of Experiments.
  • Analytical Data Modeling (Semester 1): Optimize business processes within provided constraints using mathematical and computational models. This class is all about prescriptive analytics.
  • Data Mining 1 (Quarter 2): Understanding Data Mining and Machine Learning concepts are covered. Microsoft Azure ML is used for the computational implementation of algorithms. This class will start in the last week of October.

All the subjects are fascinating, and we have great professors who excellently deliver the classes. There is an in-class quiz after each chapter in most classes, and this keeps you prepared for the midterm exams as well. Some tests are an open book and open notes, and most of them allow one cheat sheet during exams. Projects are included in each subject to apply the learning in the practical world. Till now, we have only submitted the project proposal to our professors. The final project presentation is due in December. The mid-term exams are scheduled from 2nd October, and it’s now time to study.