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Week 10: Outside my comfort zone

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2nd October: Data-Driven Quality Management Midterm

Our professor had already informed us, he had set an exam where he expects us to get around 75% only. And he had also intimated us that it wouldn’t be easy. All the earlier tests I took were not that challenging at all, and in most of the class tests in other subjects, it’s quite easy to score. Till today everything was going very easy, and this was about to change today.

We were allowed only 1-page cheat sheet. My cheat sheet just had formulae and some other things which cannot be recited. When I reached for the exam and saw cheat sheets of my classmates, I was stunned. In the smallest possible font, they copied most of the ppt content into the cheat sheet.

We had 35 questions and 70 minutes. It was an online test with a mix of multiple-choice and descriptive answers as well, and a lot of numerical. In most of the questions, there was a twist. Some had a lot of data provided for distraction, and the problem was conceptual, meaning even if data is provided and it looks like numerical, its not. And it was getting difficult to complete the test within the time constraint. I was running through the questions and trying to solve them with just one glance. Folks who had a lot of information on their cheatsheet had no time to check the cheat sheet and verify. While running through the questions, I was able to complete all the questions leaving a few, which I thought would eat a lot of time.

We met the professor after the exam, and he said he wanted to challenge us. He also mentioned that if the test was easy, then there is no point in taking the examination; that’s why the test is challenging. It made me remember the quote: “As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.” This moment was the 1st time I felt like course is kind of challenging (not tricky though), but with enough practice, it is possible to get a good score. What’s gone is gone; now it’s time to move to the next exam.

3rd October: Analytical Decision Modeling 1 Midterm Exam

Analytical Modeling quizzes are a pen-paper test, where you get one optimization question, and you have to create a model on paper. Midterm had two questions, and the test was an open book open notes. Once you figure out the base model for the problem, it is easy to create the model to solve the problem.

4th October: Intro to Enterprise Analytics Quiz

This subject is almost getting over. Tableau is the last topic, and we have a project on Tableau. Since I have some experience in SQL and my job was in Data warehousing, I feel this is the most comfortable subject for me. The class quiz is simple Multiple choice questions, and most people complete it within 10 minutes for up to 15 questions. Earlier, this quiz was scheduled on Monday, 2nd October, but since we had another midterm exam on that same day, we requested the professor to postpone the exam to Wednesday.