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Week 11: And the exams continue

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9th October: Intro to Enterprise Analytics Final Exam

A 2-hour exam with multiple-choice questions and SQL queries. We were given access to the SQL database and had questions to generate queries. MCQ’s were quite comfortable, and the queries took some time. Overall I was able to complete it way before 2 hours limit.

10th October: Data-Driven Quality Management Take-home exam

The Data-Driven Quality Management professor gave us the midterm exam as a take-home exam to be repeated. He was not happy with the test results, as many students wrongly answered many simple questions. The average score was worse than he expected. He wanted us to solve it again with more time so that we can learn something. The take-home test was an open book open notes untimed test to be completed within four days.

This time I believe the students were able to learn much more when solving the exam. The quiz was challenging and had many twists and turns.

12th October 2017: Awaiting Fall break

Next whole week, we have the Fall Break, and everyone is eager to get a break from all the exams and assignments. It’s a great time to visit places in the USA now as flight ticket prices are low now. In the Christmas break, flight ticket prices are over the roof. Our professors didn’t give us any assignments or homework for the Fall break so we could enjoy our fall break.

We had plans to visit Arizona’s most distinguished Landmark. I was waiting for this trip for a long time and now its time to execute it.