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Week 14: W.P.(Scary Halloween)

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October 31th: Halloween

I was in the MGT class, and suddenly, 5 minutes into the session, the Dark Lord of Sith entered along with Goku. Welcome to the Halloween Night.


I and my roommates headed to Mill Avenue( The most happening place in Tempe). The streets were crowded, with ghosts and demons and whatnot. Scary jokers and clowns everywhere.

Halloween Halloween Halloween

2nd November: Diwali Night

W.P.Carey school celebrates three festivals around the year. The Indian festival of Diwali, American Thanksgiving, and Chineses New Year. So Indian students help organize the Diwali festival, and a lunch/dinner is planned inside McCord Hall with food and music. It not very often that you are served free Indian food here, so whenever the opportunity strikes, I never miss it. You can only realize the importance of free food if you are a student in an intensive, fast-paced course.

I opted for the Dinner session (You have to choose one session and RSVP for that session to attend it. :). It’s good to see people from different cultures embracing the Indian culture for a day. My teammate, LingLi from China, borrowed a sari from an Indian friend and was rocking the dance floor. You don’t get to see such moments often; it is memorable.

Diwali Diwali

4th November: Phx Data Science Conference

The event was hosted by Grand Canyon University (which is not in Grand Canyon, but Phoenix) and is the most significant big-data event in the Phoenix valley. There were 45 speakers this year at the event across four tracks throughout the day. Breakfast and Lunch were served at the event and also a free PHX DATA SCIENCE t-shirt. The speakers were data science practitioners from the industry and hence a great event to network with the real folks who work in data science.

There was an R programming workshop organized at the W.P.Carey School as well, which I had to miss because of this event. But I don’t regret missing that because PHX Data Science conference was much more enjoyable. You get to know about the latest trends in this rapidly evolving field of analytics. It’s imperative to keep up to date information because you never know when your skills become obsolete in this fastpaced technological evolution.