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Week 15:

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6th November: Data Analytics Club

Data Analytics Club of ASU has a meet on most Mondays at McCord Hall. Undergrad students run this organization from Computer Science Majors or Data Analytics Major. Today they had a session on Web scrapping using Scrapy web scrapping library for python. The meeting was interactive with the ongoing live demo. This club is not very popular, so it's attendees strength is also quite low, I guess it has to do with the lack of publicity.

Frisbee game:

Frisbee is a fascinating game in the USA. It’s easy to learn but challenging to play. You pass the frisbee from one team member to another and try to reach the goal post. One catch, you can’t move when you have the frisbee. A pass is complete when your teammate successfully catches the frisbee without it touching the ground first, and if not, then the other team gets the frisbee. It gets cold (around 17-degree Celsius) after 07:00 PM. Some sports activities are the need to of the hour for a fit and healthy body. The SDFC Intramural Ground, which is next to the McCord Hall, is occupied with sports activities during the evening. People play cricket, Football(Soccer), and even Quidditch. (Can’t believe, see the below proof)


Kaggle competitions for Data mining 1:

All the Data Mining 1 assignments are Kaggle problems. So this makes sure we work on some real messy data sets, as well. The submission is in the format of a recording of audio over a presentation. Everyone can view everyone’s presentation. People get creative here, like using R code in Azure block to clean data or using some new technique to get some better results. Azure ML is a great free tool to run your Machine Learning Algorithms in the cloud. It allows you to get creative with your dataset and algorithm. The best thing about Azure ML is it’s easy to use GUI, and the algorithms are easy to drag and drop into the experiments. Some complex algorithms can take up to 12 or more hours to run. So some folks start running the operation at night and wake up next morning to see that it is still running.

Data-Driven Quality Management Project:

We have a new faculty who joined ASU this year, and he had an innovative idea for the Team Project. Since students spend hours to collect data, which is a waste of time, he introduced a plan that saves us time. He gave Lego Kits to all teams to prepare a car. We then had to perform the analysis (Design of Experiments) to come up with a car design that can go down the ramp and travel the maximum distance. Since we are using Lego Kits, we can take the readings for each car design much quicker. Hence, we can spend more time on the data analysis part(implementing the learning from that course) and not waste much time on data collection.