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Week 17: Black Friday

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21st November: Thanksgiving lunch at W.P.Carey

It’s time for the 2nd Festival (1st is Diwali) to be celebrated by the school. My American friends explained the tradition of drawing a turkey and thanking for all the things, and then you can have the Thanksgiving lunch. There were some turkey and some mashed potato dish and for the desert – the traditional Pumpkin Pie. It was a tasty meal to get indulged.

22nd November: Start of Thanksgiving break

A much-needed break from the assignments and exams, five straight days Wednesday to Sunday.

Moreover, I was excited to witness the Black Friday environment here, long queues, huge discounts, and crowded stores. The details of the price cuts are already out. My roommate Sarath is already excited to buy a Samsung S8 at the discounted price.

23rd November: Start of Black Friday sale (5 PM)

Black Friday Sale starts at 05:00 PM a day before Friday in most stores. Tempe Marketplace is close by and can be reached on a bicycle, so we went there to check out the sale. The electronics store BestBuy was extremely crowded that day; people were coming out of the store with multiple TV sets, and so much more. I got myself a jacket from OldNavy, which had 50% off on all items that day. Most stores had a massive queue, so even if I had to buy one piece, I would have to stand in line for a long time, so I ended up not buying most things. Patience is the key, which I don’t have.

24th November: Black Friday Sale

The main Black Friday sale is on Friday, which most stores start at 6 AM. I am not a morning person, so the gang and I went to Arizona Mills quite late at around 10 AM. There were many discounts, but again considerable queues in some select stores. Arizona Mills is quite far, but is more prominent than Tempe Marketplace and has more brands and stores available. Must visit the place during #blackfriday.