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Week 18: Final Exam Commencement

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Sunday 26th November: War Room (Team Meet)

We desperately needed a Team Meeting (War room meeting) to discuss pending team items for submission. We listed out all the upcoming presentations and quizzes for the MSBA program. We then tacked the assignments one by one. We went home late that day (9:00 PM), and it was getting remarkably cold. It’s time to replace a sweater with a thick jacket, especially while cycling at night.

Just the usual MSBA schedule! MSBA Schedule

29th November: Finals Breakfast

It’s the ASU tradition of serving free breakfast (during dinner time) a day before Final Exams commencement. There was a considerable queue here as well, but the wait was worth it. It’s pancakes, fruits, potatoes. It’s filling; you might not need any more food for the night after that. It’s served at all the Dining Halls in ASU, so I went to Memorial Union’s Pitchfork Dining hall. They also distributed free glass cups and some free coupons for food at some of the eateries in ASU like Chick-fil-A, Fresh-i, BurgerKing, Subway, and much more.

Free Breakfast

30th November: Decision modeling 1 Final exam

Well, the first day of the Exams and this subject requires critical thinking. Professor had already mentioned that there would be only two questions in the exam. (BTW we solve two problems in every class, as it required around 10-15 minutes to solve a problem if you are good at it.) One was supposed to be comfortable, and others was supposed to be complicated. Although I was prepared, I never expected the difficult problem to be so complicated that no one would be able to solve it.

Friday to Sunday- Art festival Tempe

Although we have the Quality exam on Monday, it’s refreshing to go and visit the Tempe Festival of the Arts at Mill Avenue. The main road was itself closed for the traffic, and all stalls were occupying the street. There were paintings, sculptures, Metal Art, designer clothes of local family-owned brands, and of course, Food and Live Music.