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Week 20: And the Last Exam

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11th December: Race Day

As part of the Data-Driven Quality Management class project, we were supposed to design a LEGO set car that would travel the longest distance off the ramp. We were supposed to use Design of Experiments concepts that we learned in the class. And if this was not interesting enough, we had a Race Day where we would be competing with other teams in the cohort to win the Prize of the Best car design.

The professor brought the ramp, and it was an elimination style tournament. You get three runs in every match, and the best distance is considered. Sadly my team lost in the 1st round itself by barely an inch or less. There were many innovative designs, which traveled very long distances. We were the 1st batch to do this kind of project, and I hope this new tradition continues for the next batches as well. The Finals was exciting, where team 14 won on their last round of attempt.


13th December: Data Mining 1 Final Exam

Data Mining exams till now had been easy, its online test, and usually get over in like less than 10 minutes for the Quizzes. The final exam was supposed to be of a similar format with the whole syllabus and a total of around 40 questions. All questions are conceptual and theoretical, so it doesn’t usually take much time to get the answer.

In the last quiz, I made some terrible mistakes, like not reading the question correctly, missing the words like ‘not’ and ‘only’, which changes the whole meaning in most cases. So this time, I decided to take my time and read all the questions carefully.

The exam started at 02:00 PM for all the cohorts, and the 1st person got out within 5 minutes. Then another and another. It was an easy test and took me around 10-15 minutes only. When we exited the exam room, we were almost free, as all exams were over, just one team assignment submission pending, which we covered in the next 3 hours quickly.

14th December: Drop off Abhishek at the airport

The meteor shower was visible from midnight to up to 4 AM. We were in the community parking lot at midnight to see the meteor shower, which was barely noticeable due to nearby lights. We did saw a few, though.

We woke up at 04:00 AM to drop our room-mate Abhishek to Airport, who was leaving for India. At this time, you can expect a temperature around 8-degree Celsius.

Abhishek Airport Drop Off

12fifty5 apartments were hosting free Donuts for everyone at 10:00 AM as a community engagement event. Such events are commonplace here at 12fifty5 Community. As far as I know, only 12fifty5 hosts such activities.

Yummy in my tummy !! Donuts !! MSBA

At 11:30 AM, there was a guest lecture at Ira Fulton Engineering college by an IIT Madras professor on Reinforcement learning. He talked about the research going on at IIT Madras in this field, and how they are progressing to the ultimate goal of human-like learning. He showcased some reinforcement learning implementations on legacy ATARI computer games. Ira Fulton engineering college hosts many such interesting guest lectures almost every week.

15th – 16th December: Potluck

Our room hosted potlucks with our friend’s group (2 different groups). We had happening events at our place with food and games for almost the whole weekend. Murong learned how to cook Dosas. Potluck Potluck Potluck