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Week 21: Winter is Coming

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Currently, I don’t have any plans to travel around the USA. This winter break, I am planning to learn some skills that would help me in the job-hunting process. W. P. Carey Spring 2018 Information Systems & Business Analytics Career Fair is in January, and I hope to make the best of it. The Machine Learning professor who taught us this semester had some small research kind of projects for students who are available during the winter break. Around 70 students were interested in this opportunity.

Most of the grades are also out by now. There is just a fine line between grades like A and A-. Many folks have a 4.0 GPA by scoring all A’s.

Many people are traveling, so very few people are left here. McCord Hall is deserted, all team rooms are empty. Even the staff is on leave, I believe.

19th December: Treasure hunt Father Figure Movie

I received an SMS from 12fifty5 apartments about a treasure hunt game; they have hidden some Reindeers (small paper cutouts) around the 12fifty campus. Search for them and get gifts. As soon as I received the SMS, I took a jacket and directly went out in search of the Reindeers. Parking Lot, Swimming Pools, Laundry Rooms, and much more. I was already 30 minutes into searching. Still, so many places left. Also, many other people were looking for the Reindeers, making it competitive. 12fifty5 is a huge complex. After exploring all areas which I think were important, I went near the leasing office, and in just a glance inside the potted plant, I found a cutout of a purple reindeer. Success comes to those who never give up. I was supposed to receive my gift of a fragrant candle pack.

On the ASU Finals Breakfast event, we had received some movie passes to a Pre Release show of ‘Father Figure’ movie at Harkin’s, Arizona Mills. It was a comedy movie, and we even did some shopping at the Mall. A deal on a jacket which I found on the Black Friday day was still there today. I had regretted not getting it them, so I did purchase that jacket this time at the same deal. There are many December season sales and discounts out there.

20th December: Prof. Roy's projects

All the folks interested in the winter projects were assembled in McCord Hall today. We made small groups and got some projects based on our interests. The professor then shared some datasets to be used. Also, to mention, we had to present it next Thursday to showcase our progress and any initial findings, if any.

23rd December: Winter is coming

Low temperatures in Tempe can go up to 2-degree Celsius at night. Even though temperature goes to 2-degree, the rooms still stay warm, and we also have a heater system, so we can make it warm anytime. It’s essential to have a thick jacket for this temperature and even something to cover your ears as well if going out.