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Week 22: The Year end

Category: Blog | #MS in the US

Winter break is very useful to rekindle with your long lost hobbies; mine was playing the online multiplayer online game DoTA2. Eventually, I realized that I still suck at this game, with a streak of 10 consecutive match losses. Then participating in some Kaggle competitions to learn Data Science from the real world experts community.

People with a part-time campus job can work more hours in the breaks, so they are enjoying(the money, not extra working hours). I did apply for some jobs from the on-campus jobs portal and had been ever waiting for any response. Many people have on-campus jobs, its just you need consistency to keep applying on the portal.

Also, I did some work on Prof. Roy’s projects, and then my team and I presented our initial work this week. Remarkably few people out of the 70 who were interested back then were present this time. Many people are enjoying the Christmas festivities around the USA. Lots of time is available in the winter break to put to good use!

31st December: New Year’s Eve

We went to Mill Avenue to see the crowd and the cheerful atmosphere here. It was the party environment with enormous crowds for popular pubs like El Hefe and CASA. We then went to Tempe Beach Park(which is not a beach but has some similarity to Marine Drive, Mumbai). The fireworks start at midnight when the new year begins. And it’s over the ‘A’ mountain. The fireworks are good only if you don’t compare it to Diwali celebrations in India.