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Week 23: Start of something new

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1st week of January: Start of something new

It’s time to change gears now, first I have been focussed on learning and implementing Data Science skills to build an impressive resume. The second half, for me, will be focused on job hunting. With only a week of vacation left, it’s time to roll up the sleeve. This quarter is expected to be not as heavy as Semester 1, because, we now have two-quarter classes each in the two remaining quarters and no more semester-long classes. So only two courses at one point in time. Along with the Applied Project, which is a semester-long project. All the teams in the MSBA have been allocated Corporate projects. Thanks to the reach and influence of our professors, they were able to rope in these many projects for the school. As per my information, the previous batch only had half of their projects from corporates, rest had to source their own projects. So it’s a great improvement this year. They provide a huge list of projects (around 35) with the project outline, and each team has to rank their preferences for only 5 projects. Then the faculty come together and discuss project allocation. They try to allocate you the project which is on your list, but since many people have similar project priorities, not all get their desired projects.

As the workload for the next four months is expected to be light, I decided something. Yes, only four months are left, the graduation date is 10th May. The pace of the program is quite fast. It’s hard to believe that five months are already over. Although I did develop skills, but still so much is pending. By the way, that something was to audit a course from the Engineering Department. Many excellent courses were not available in Spring because they were available in Fall, so I missed those classes. Finally, I settled for “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.” I reached out to the Professor and he allowed me to audit the course, timings were also not clashing with my regular schedule, so I went ahead. Engineering college has some really good set of courses available for audit, some related to Analytics as well. Also, some people take other courses as credit, my friend Lingli took the “Hip-Hop Dance” class as a credit class. Possibilities are endless as ASU has many diverse courses available.

There were some minor improvements in the Sun Devils Fitness Center, wherein my favorite sport was now available. Chess boards were now placed next to Racketball courts. Chess keeps your brain fit, yes it does and should be a part of the (Sun Devil) Fitness Center. Abhishek (my roommate) also returned from India with lots of Indian food and sweets. It’s now almost time to start the new semester from next Monday.