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Week 24: Back to school

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8th January 2018: And it begins with an excellent day

The start of a new semester cannot be more impressive than this. The weather was super fantastic today. Like Fall colors arrived late to Tempe campus. Not too much sunlight, and not even less, it was just perfect. Perfect for pictures as well.


9th January 2018: Rainy Day

As per the weather forecast, it will be raining from 09:00 PM, and it did rain around that time. The weather forecasts over here are entirely accurate. It was also very windy and dusty all day long. This is the desert life.

Applied Projects:

The basket of available projects was a perfect mix. Those projects touched many aspects of Analytics as well as Business. Text Mining, Clustering, Optimization, Return on Investment Calculation, A/B Testing, six sigmas and IoT are some of the tasks involved in the projects. Choosing one project was itself a challenging job.

By now we had been allocated projects in teams and also initiated our Client communication. We also had a class discussion on guidelines for the Applied Project, where we were provided necessary instructions and timelines. Some have client visits, and some projects required students to visit the local office. We also sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with the client to protect their interests. We have to present the outcome to the companies in the end to mark the completion of the project. Each project has a faculty assigned to overlook the project progress over weekly meetings.

Data Mining 2: (First Look)

This course starts with the basics of Python programming and does not need you to have any programming background. Recommendation system using Python and learning Big Data Technologies are the primary focal points of this course.

Decision Modelling 2: (First Look)

This takes off where Decision Modelling 1 left off in the Book “Practical Management Science”. This time Simulation and Uncertainty modeling will be covered.