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Week 25: Get well soon

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17th January 2018: The Cold-wave is coming!

Until last week, the lowest temperature was about 10 degrees Celsius, but starting this week, looks like some cold wave it hitting Tempe, lowering it to 3 degree Celsius again for a few days. Many folks are even getting sick these days, like widespread coughing around the campus. Maybe be the weather is facilitating the spread of diseases. Also, I caught a cough and fever.

Next week looks packed with two W.P.Carey Career Fairs, one for the ‘Information Systems and Business Analytics’ Career Fair and the other is ‘Spring to Success Business’ Career Fair. While others were preparing for the fair, I was trying my best to recover my health, but sadly, the cough was always in an ever-increasing direction. It showed no signs of stopping. I hadn’t brought many medicines from India, so I was dependent on my roommates. They had multiple medications for me, but sadly none seemed to work.

Special thanks to Abhishek, Samarth, Sarath, and Pooja for all the help and support during my sick days. All your medicines and local solutions from usual kitchen stuff undoubtedly helped a lot.

In the meanwhile, there are short tests in every Data Mining 2 class and an exercise question submission before every Data Modeling 2 class. So it has been a busy kind of week. The good thing is Python is taught from the very basics. I had studied basic Python programming back in 2014, but after this class, I realized I hadn’t studied all the basics.