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Week 26: IoT Dev Fest Arizona 2018

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24th January: Visiting ASU Health Services

I missed both the career fairs as I was not well !! So I just received the feedback from the other folks, that the Career Fair was just like the previous one, A lot of hopes and expectations, but nothing regarding opportunities. Companies usually only inform you to apply online.

Medical treatment is costly in the USA, but as students, we have the Aetna Student Insurance. I went to the ASU Health Services, where I had to wait for over an hour to see a doctor. There usually is a long queue, unless you come in the early morning. After a thorough check-up, the Doctor gave me a pipe that was releasing fumes, and I was supposed to inhale the fumes deep into my lungs. Turnsout that I was suffering from Bronchitis. After an hour at the doctor’s clinic, I was informed that my prescription had been sent to CVS Pharmacy. The way it works here, the Doctor sends the prescription directly to the pharmacy of your choice, and you can go to the Pharmacy to collect your medicines. Total cost breakdown, Doctor’s visit is $15 and medicines $6, thanks to the Aetna Medical Insurance. Within 12 hours of the visit, I was almost in OK condition, ready to jump around again.

27th January: IoT Pheonix Dev Conference

IoT hands-on Workshops and IoT practitioner speakers were the prime attractions for the day. I attended one workshop and received an ESP32 dev board that had onboard Wifi and Bluetooth. Meanwhile, Abhishek attended several other workshops and received DayDreamVR set, RaspberryPi 3 kit and some more IoT developer hardware. The student ticket was $23 only and the value of the freebies was much above that. Thanks to sponsors like Google Developers, Go Daddy and many more.