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Week 28: Google Tech Talk

Category: Blog | #MS in the US

6th February: Google Tech Talk

SoDA (Software Developers Association) organized a Google Lightning Talk, where 3 Googlers were on campus to talk about their experience at Google. They gave some excellent insights on Google. Like they mentioned that Google spends on average 5x more time on reading the code than on writing it, to ensure it is readable (most important) and bug-free. Everyone also received a $50 google cloud credit for free. It was a great networking event for software developers.

We waited until the very end, and still, all their pizza was not yet finished, so the organizers were asking all participants to take home as much pizza as they want. We took three boxes of pizza with us, out of which we gave one box to a homeless guy and the other two we ate it the next day.

7th February: Walmart Networking Mixer

Again, another SoDA event, where Walmart showcased its new online application process, which is supposed to be super comfortable and friendly. You just upload the resume on the link and mentioned which field you are interested in. Walmart has a Data Science team, but the employees at the event were from the Software Development Team, so there was not much value in networking with them.