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Week 29: Another Career Fair

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12-14th February: ASU Campus-wide Career and Internship Fair

Last Fall, the campus-wide Career Fair was full of Marketing and Sales Job opportunities for the undergrads. So I didn’t have any high hopes for this career fair either. Our MSBA Career Coach shared a list of companies who had openings related to Business Analytics. Most of those companies didn’t send their technical recruiter and most of the companies just ask to apply online. Some promising companies were looking for Business Intelligence roles as well, and also took resumes. I got one interview slot directly at the Career Fair, but later when I checked, it looked more like an undergrad position that they were looking for.

This week the weather was different, it even rained for a whole day this week, very rare in Phoenix Area. I was lucky I carried a raincoat with me that day (Thanks to the weather forecast, that I checked in the morning). Lockers inside McCord Hall are allocated on a lottery basis every semester, and this semester I wasn’t fortunate to get a locker, so I kept my suit in my friend’s locker.

13th February: Authentic Chinese Dinner

Finally, I got the chance to have some authentic Chinese Noodles thanks to Lingli. She made delicious noodles and some veggie starter which I don’t know what it was but it tasted good. Also, she taught how to use chopsticks, a vital skill to eat Chinese food.

16th February: Gililland Middle School RaspberryPi session

I got invited by Murong and her team to join the Inition Education Solution (an ASU’s change-maker initiative) to help them with the RaspberryPi session, due to my previous experience in using RaspberryPi. It was a session with the coding club of the school. They were around 6th-8th Grade students in the club, and in the 1st session, we taught them the basic setup.


17th February: Guest Lecture IoT and BigData

As part of the Decision Modeling 2 class, we had a session on IoT and Big data with hands-on in clustering techniques by Raghav Jandhyala, Director of Supply Chain Product Management at SAP. He gave insights on how IoT and Big Data are changing the business landscape.

Also to mention, Decision Modeling 2 class teaching is complete now, and we have a final exam on 3rd March. Now only a case submission is pending, which is a team assigned activity. The case is a Modeling case with real data and an open-ended problem. And also takes a very long time and some excellent excel skills to complete the case.