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Week 30: Yet another Career Fair

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20th February: Ira Fulton Engineering Career Fair

Ira Fulton Engineering College hosted its career fair at Memorial Union (The building adjacent to McCord Hall) from 19 to 20th February. While most companies were looking for software developers, some were looking for Data Scientists and BI developers as well. There was also a massive queue for each company. Surprisingly, this career fair was better managed than the W.P.Carey Career Fairs. There were proper queue management and even appropriate indicators on each company desk, indicating if the employer had a history of visa sponsorships.

I got into the smallest queue which was for the Choice Hotels, and after 20 minutes, finally, I got to talk to the employer. Through the discussion, I learned that there are no current openings in the Data Science domain for a full-time position and new opportunities are expected by the end of March. So basically I was advised to apply online. Usually, this is the response most people receive in any Career Fairs.

Most other companies had a queue over an hour, so I just decided to skip the event.

In the evening, Prodigy Finance had a networking mixer at La Bocca Pizzeria on Mill Avenue. The associates wanted to understand their customers (college students). There were pizza, bruschetta and a lot of other things along with a lot of networking as well. One of the associates was from the London office and the other from the New York office.

21st February: The Cold Wave

There seems to be an off seasonal cold wave hitting the Phoenix Area. It’s again chilling, especially at night. Its colder here in Phoenix, compared to Boston, New York, and Chicago, at least for today.

Next Week is the Finals Week for the 3rd Quarter, so we have two exams for two subjects. But Data Mining Quiz 3 is optional because of the best 2 out of 3 Quizzes pattern. I had a good score in the earlier quizzes, so I decided to skip the last quiz. So I just had one exam in the Finals Week. Cheers !!