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Week 31: Finals Week

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27th Feb: Capstone Project Interim Presentation

Since my Capstone project client outside of Arizona, we only have telephonic meetings. So for the Interim Project presentation was done in front of the Project Mentor only. Just a 15-minute presentation for showcasing the progress and path ahead. Some teams had onsite project presentations as well if the client requested it.

2nd March: Decision Modeling Final

Exam 3 of Decision modeling and then we are free for the Spring break. The exam pattern of this subject is also a bit different, for multiple-choice questions, you can give a second answer as well. That means, if your 1st option is correct, you get 4 marks, and if your 2nd option is correct, you score 1 mark. So you have about a 50% chance of getting some marks in every question even when you don’t know the answer.

Gililland Middle School

This time, we went ahead and demonstrated Morse code patterns on Raspberry Pi to Middle school students. I wrote the code for the generation of Morse code design using 2 LEDs. The blinking pattern of LED’s is used to identify dot and dash patterns. The code is available on my git hub repository.

Link to Morse code GitHub repository: