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Week 32: Spring Break

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5th March: Devil’s Detour Universal Studios

I, Abhishek and Pooja registered for Devil’s Detour to Universal Studios in LA. We left at midnight on Monday 5th March and returned the next midnight. This tour was organized by ASU and is very cheap, compared to the cost of tickets and travel. It was the best use of the spring break time.

Harry Potter world, Transformers, The Mummy, Simpsons, and much more. The Harry Potter ride is the best one. We were able to complete all the rides and shows, as we were running through the park from one end to another.

8th March: Finally an on-campus job

I got an on-campus job as a grader for the CIS undergrad class. So it allows me to work 12 hours every week until my graduation date. So around two months of work, with good pay. One of the best ways to get a job is to keep applying on the job portal, and I wasn’t applying as much as others were applying. Hence I got this opportunity quite late.