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Week 33: The Final quarter

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12th March: Final quarter commences

And so we have reached the final quarter of the program. Time flies so fast. Now only two classes and one capstone project to go, and then we will earn the masters degree.

CIS515 Business Analytics Strategy

This class is about how to implement the skills that we have learned till now into a streamlined strategy for an organization. This class is a business course with some focus on Analytics. We use Harvard cases for in-class discussion and some other HBS readings.

MKT591 Marketing Analytics

This class focuses on applying Analytical techniques in the Marketing domain. R is used extensively in this course and also covered from the basics.

15th March:

There are a lot of events happening in McCord Hall, and usually, there is a lot of food left after the event. This time, it was time to grab a plate. When life gives you free food, grab the whole goddamn plate.

16th March: Lingli's birthday celebration

A get-together event to celebrate Lingli’s birthday, with some Chinese food and Indian food.

17th March: ASU Holi

Indian Student Association (ISA) organized a ‘Holi’ event on PV lawns( Next to ASU bridge on University Drive). It was open to all (not just ASU), and also Lunch was provided. Water was not allowed, only colors. The color was provided at the event.

Live DJ playing Bollywood music. Veg Biryani and Chicken Biryani from Amravati Catering was delicious.