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Week 35: Phoenix Heat is back !

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This quarter is very short, only seven weeks and two are already over. Gosh, just around one month left for graduation.

CIS515 Business Analytics Strategy

This class had some excellent sessions till now. We discussed on how analytics is changing the landscape of the businesses. We learned how companies are leveraging Analytics, and which opportunities are opening for students with such specialized skillset in Analytics. This class has take-home quizzes, where we have to read HBR cases to prepare for the quiz. These cases cover a wide range of application of Analytics in the industry. Also in the final week, as a team, we have to prepare a pitch for an innovative idea which leverages Analytics.

MKT591 Marketing Analytics

In each class, we learn some new marketing concept and ways of implementing it in R. It’s usually Linear regression, that have been covered till now. The quizzes are take home and require a lot of R programming skills.

Phoenix Heat is back!

Daytime is getting longer from now. I think I need to switch to full sleeve shirts to avoid tanning. Noon Temperatures reach 33 degree Celsius. However, nights are at around 15 to 20 degree Celsius.

Sun Devil Rewards

Sun Devils Rewards App provides points for playing games, reading/sharing ASU news and much more. These points can then be redeemed for a reward of your choice. I redeemed an ASU Starbucks ceramic tumbler after collecting points for a few months.

30th April: CIS515 Guest Lecture: Google

The google employee presented this session via web cast from Google office in California. He described how Google is using analytics to have an edge over all its domains. We also had a Q&A session where we mostly talked about data privacy concerns.