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Week 36: The usual affairs

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Capstone Projects:

It’s April now, and almost time to present the deliverable. The good thing is that this time, all students got corporate projects. Many teams are working on Intel projects as well. Many teams are putting in more efforts to get their projects on track and to meet the delivery deadline.

5th April: Data Science Meetup @ Amazon Office, Tempe

Dan Petro (ASU MS Computer Science Alumni) presented a session on his work on an AI designed to play the legacy game “Super Smash Bros: Melee.” It was a great achievement for him as his AI player was able to beat many pro players in this game. He explained the design of the AI, what challenges he faced and how he overcame them. It was a fun coding project he completed in his free time, that is after the time he gets from his full-time job as a Senior Security Associate.

Job Reporting:

By now, I have heard some students getting job offers. Most American citizens get multiple job offers, as they don’t have face work authorization issues. So a very few of the F-1 students have received job offers. There are a total of 180 students, so it’s difficult to report actual progress.

6th April: CIS515 Guest Session: Intel Supply Chain using Analytics

The presenter from Intel talked about how they implement Analytics in their supply chain. He also described some issues that they faced in bringing about the change using analytics. Overall it was a very insightful session.