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Week 37: Graduation celebration

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April 10th: Walmart Supply Chain event

Walmart’s Supply Chain team was on campus for recruitment opportunities for a Supply Chain Specialist. They gave a presentation with many key facts on Walmart, and at the end, there was a short online quiz to win prices. Almost 80% of my answers were random guesses, and surprisingly I won 2nd price in this. I received $20 worth of Dominos Pizza Gift Card.

CIS515 Class discussion:

We had a class discussion on data privacy concerns created by Facebook, and how it impacts analytics. The objective of the CIS515 class is mainly to understand the business implications of Analytics, related to use case, data concerns, data management, legal issues, and much more.

April 12th: Graduation celebration

W.P.Carey organized the Graduation Celebration near the BAC building. There was a massive promotion for a free insulated water bottle, on filling the program survey. The event started at noon, and there was an enormous queue, almost 20 minutes in line to enter the event. And the water bottle was worth it. An insulated W.P.Carey Alumni branded 40oz water bottle with a lifetime warranty. By the time, I entered, the food was over, but still, freebies were available.

DHL internship offers:

Many students (between 10 and 20) received the DHL 11 month internship offer this week. I knew a few students who do not have much work experience and still cracked the interview. So definitely inexperience is not a barrier for success. Surprisingly, these internship programs were first showcased in the Career Fairs, and then only people who visited the DHL booth received the application email. They also requested a 1-minute video to be submitted as part of the application process, and then followed by one interview round. So Career Fairs are useful!

Final Few days

Four report submissions, three presentations, two quizzes and 1 Final Exam in the next three weeks, and then we are ready. Ready to set sail with flying colors, with a masters degree in our hand, and eager to change the world.