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Week 38: Time flies so fast

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18th April: The last on-campus career fair:

For one last time this spring, a general career fair from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM at Memorial Union, and again I didn’t have many hopes from this one either. Most companies were looking for sales and marketing executives. However, my room-mate Samarth (also from MSBA) got two interviews scheduled for next day for the position of Business Analyst role and some SCM role.

And I and some others just got a handful of goodies.


CIS515 Venture Presentation:

The Business Analytics Strategy class has no final exam. Instead, 25% of the final grade depends on a presentation. A venture pitch, for an idea that embraces analytics in its core, and you have to implement some of the concepts learned in class.

Two weeks to go:

Only two weeks are pending now. Time flies so fast. Many people are getting interviews, and some are getting jobs as well. It’s high time to get immersed in job hunting. Meanwhile I am questioning myself, do I attend the career fairs for the goodies or the job opportunities.