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Week 39: The Penultimate Week

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The Presentations Week:

Almost all the teams had their Capstone presentations this week, either onsite or on-campus. Also, the Marketing Project Presentation and the Business Venture presentation were in this week. So this was an action-packed week with back to back presentations in all the classes.

MSBA Games:

It’s almost time for graduation and folks are busy planning for after graduation events and parties. One such includes a Sports Tournament.


Capstone Presentation:

Finally, after surpassing all the hurdles, I along with my team completed the Capstone Presentation. It was a good experience with real-world scenarios where we could apply concepts related to Analytics.

Weather L-R: Olivia, Annie, Zimo, Aniket, Prof. John

Beta Gamma Sigma:

Every year, top-ranking students get an opportunity to be a part of the prestigious Beta Gamma Sigma Society. Congratulations to this year’s candidates. Your hard work and dedication have paid off.

Weather The Beta Gamma Sigma MSBA 17-18 Candidates

Exit session:

Well, we got to know that our access to Sun Devils Fitness Center will end on graduation day. 🙁 Apart from that just the regular things. Thankfully McCord access will be there for the next 90 days.

27th April: Curriculum review

This is the only time the Faculty will carefully observe the student feedback regarding the curriculum and the overall course structure. The Co-Chairs for the MSBA program and Chair of Information Systems Department were present at this session. Surprisingly, only 6 students volunteered to give feedback. Students provided their view on what went wrong in the session or what could be done better next time. I hope it was a constructive session for the Faculty, and some necessary changes are established for the next batch of students. Strong feedback was given especially to one subject, and now let’s see what changes are done in that aspect.

Graduation Ceremony:

There are 3 different Convocation ceremonies held.

  • International Graduate Convocation: Applicable to only International Students. (5th May)
  • ASU Graduate Convocation: ASU wide graduate programs convocation (7th May)
  • W.P.Carey Graduate Convocation: W.P.Carey Master’s Students Convocation (10th May) (This is the most important one)